Budget Attack: Gamifying the Budget Planning Experience

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Andreas Heldbjerg Bork
  • Lasse Schøne Rosenlund
  • Christoffer Bech
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
This project investigated how gamifying budget planning affected the motivation of the user to start planning a budget compared to planning a budget through a netbank. To achieve this, a game was developed for planning a budget by simulating automatically importing the user's personal finances to be used as elements in the game. The created game, Budget Attack, is a castle war genre game where the player's bills are represented as enemy castles the player must defeat. The bills must be defeated one at a time and when the game was completed the player was rewarded with their budget overview.
An experiment was conducted where twelve respondents tried budget planning through their netbank and through the game. Data comparing the two methods was gathered through a questionnaire and an interview and the results showed that Budget Attack was significantly easier for budget planning than using a netbank. Statements from the experiment also indicated that the game provided a more enjoyable and engaging experience, and all respondents expressed a desire to play a budget planning game, if their bank provided the option.
Publication date22 May 2017
Number of pages88
External collaboratorSpar Nord
Lasse Chor lassechor@gmail.com


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