• Christian Kampmann
This master thesis deals with the use of information about property when trading real estate. The objective of the project is to determine if a new government it-solution (DIADEM) will meet the goals in the planning of the it-solution.
The introductory chapter examines how the current situation is for the use of property data in real estate trading. Preliminary analysis seeks to answer one part of the thesis, which is about whether there is an overview and consistency in the government considering digital management.
The problem solving is based on data quality of information about property included in DIADEM and whether a quality declaration meets the objectives of the planning.
Each set of data is assessed and the analysis will conclude whether each set of data meets the objectives of the planning. The “OIO EA” method is used indirectly throughout the master thesis and discussed in an appendix to the report.
The master thesis concludes that current goals of DIADEM, can not be met with the existing data quality. If the objectives can be modified proposals to improve DIADEM will increase the chances of a successful it-solution.
Publication date24 Sept 2010
Number of pages109
ID: 37663665