Brand Avoidance and the Big Five personality traits

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Dominik Remetei
Based on the preliminary investigation the author has decided to investigate the concept of Brand Avoidance (BA) from a psychological perspective. Using the tool of the Big Five personality inventory and the BA motivation statements as quantitative measures, he then examined the relationship between BA and personality trait. Presenting several links between the Big Five personality traits and the BA motivations (experience-based and morality-based avoidance), the author hypothesized relationships between the variables. As a result, the author discovered several relationships that were statistically significant. Within the whole sample the author found a positive correlation of openness and morality-based avoidance, a negative relationship of consciousness and morality-based avoidance, a positive relationship of consciousness and experience-based avoidance. However, these relationships showed only weak correlation which cannot explain more than 6% of the variation. Furthermore, within the subgroup of respondents between 15-21, correlation analysis showed a negative relationship of morality-based avoidance and extraversion with 38,7 % of the shared variation. Younger respondents may therefore be an interesting group to be explored in further investigation of the relationship between BA and personality traits.
Publication date2018
Number of pages91
ID: 280121161