Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Sofie Colsted Petersen
  • Josefine Knopf Mathiesen
  • Maria Thostrup
4. term, Sustaianable Cities, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis investigates the possibility of implementing a Power-to-X plant on Bornholm in connection to Energy Island Bornholm. The pro-ject of Energy Island Bornholm is planned to be developed by the end of 2030, consisting of 3.2-3.8 GW electricity from offshore wind with a possibility of expanding with 3.0 GW offshore wind by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Ørsted. The offshore wind turbines will be connected to the island with a large onshore transformer station. The focus within this thesis is to investigate the following problem statement: What effect will a Power-to-X plant have on the local community and area on Bornholm?

The critical hermeneutic theory has been used as a theory of science, using an iterative process when developing knowledge. The empirical data is gathered by semi-structured interviews with relevant identified actors related to Power-to-X implementation on Bornholm. The herme-neutic spiral is combined with Actor-Network Theory as an interpretive tool and analytic framework to understand the socio-technical system. Using Actor-Network Theory the focus is on the different interests of the involved actors, the various benefits and challenges identified by the actors, and ultimately investigating how the implementation of Power-to-X will affect the local community and area on Bornholm.

The thesis uncovers the possibility of integrating Power-to-X in the ex-isting energy and water infrastructure at Bornholm, by investigating the potential risks and environmental impacts of implementing such a plant, depending on size, location, and potential end-product; Power-to-Hydrogen, Power-to-Methanol, and Power-to-Ammonia. The study finds that the method used when investigating the subject, impacts the results as well as the researcher's background. Overall, the implementation of Power-to-X on Bornholm is identified as a great opportunity for Born-holm to become important in the green transition of Denmark.

To achieve the most positive effect from implementing Power-to-X on Bornholm, it is concluded that the most beneficial location is to place the plant next to the transformer station and produce either Power-to-Hydrogen or Power-to-Ammonia. The thesis concludes implementing Power-to-X on Bornholm will result in a translation process of the exist-ing system by creating new interactions between human and non-human actors. This will result in sector coupling opportunities and synergies between water, electricity, heat, and transport sector on Bornholm. It can therefore be concluded from this thesis that implementing Power-to-X on Bornholm will both bring positive and negative effects to the local community and area on Bornholm.
Publication date31 May 2023
Number of pages135
ID: 532397537