Citizen Engagement in Written Communication

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Emilie Kjær
  • Mads Emil Underbjerg Rasmussen
  • Claudia Simoni Huse Pedersen
4. term, Public Administration and Social Science (Master Programme)
This thesis examines how written communication, particularly the "Min Plan" documents, in the Danish employment initiatives and its potential to enhance citizen involvement. The research question guiding this single-case research study is: "How and to what extent can written communication about and to citizens support citizen engagement within employment initiatives?"
Using a unique case research design, a comprehensive analysis was conducted on a selected case consisting of 258 "Min Plan" documents from Herning Municipality’s Department of Employment. The methodology involved data collection from the case and an analytical approach to investigate the research question.
The significance of this study is to be found in the dearth of scientific research on how written communication, particularly the "Min Plan" documents, can support citizen inclusion in employment initiatives, perhaps even more so, within a Danish context. This thesis aims to provide initial steps toward establishing a scientific foundation for further exploration of this topic. By shedding light on the relationship between the content and language used in "Min Plan" documents and citizen engagement in employment initiatives, this thesis aims to contribute to the existing gap in scientific knowledge.
The findings offer valuable insights for policymakers, professionals, and stakeholders involved in employment initiatives. By understanding how the "Min Plan" documents can effectively foster democratic and co-creative citizen involvement, practitioners can enhance their practices and improve outcomes in the employment sector. These findings also serve as a catalyst for further research in this important area.
It is important to note the limitations of this study, including the use of a single-case research design and the inherent challenges associated with generalizing the findings. However, this research provides valuable insights for future research and encourages continued exploration into the role of written communication in supporting citizen engagement in employment initiatives.
Publication date31 May 2023
Number of pages117
External collaboratorHerning Municipality
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ID: 532366735