• Annette Bohsen Schmidt
In this thesis I investigate the struggles in the public service of overcoming a new system borger.dk. This thesis is about the struggles in the public service and how they overcome the new system borger.dk. The thesis focuses on the citizens who have struggled with technology.
The thesis is constructed in four main fields introduction, methodology, theoretical view and analy-sis.
The first part is an introduction to the subject and leads over to the definition of the problem. The introduction is constructed to describe how borger.dk and digital post is supposed to be used by the citizens and what the main goal with the digitization as well as some of the problems people who see the digitization as a problem which not have taken elderly into account.
In the second part of the thesis is focused on, the methodology Design Based Research, qualitative research method, paradigm and philosophy of science and to how these compliments the thesis. In the qualitative methods is the focus on interviews; this methodology research is made to give an insight in the public services struggles in compare to the governments intentions of digitization in the public service.
The third part of the thesis includes the theoretically views of learning, and these theories is Dreyfus and Dreyfus´ model of skill acquisition, which focuses on the stages of which people learn new technologies and the theory Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) constructed by Lev Vygotsky. ZPD is a theory that focuses on how people learn new technologies in collaboration with others who know how. At the same time is it focused on people, who want to learn the new technology, how they in collaboration with others get better and later can do it by them selves.
In the fourth and last part of the thesis is focused on the analysis. The analysis is based on the data collection in the methodology in which it contains quotes from the respondents and is supported by the theories Dreyfus and Dreyfus as well as the theory ZPD. In the analysis is the focus on how to make the digitization better for people who are struggling with borger.dk and digital post.
The work in this thesis has been overall inspired from a point of view, where a related person has an unmatched problem to adapt to them the use of ICT. Therefore, this problem with borger.dk and digital post an important issue, which should be addressed.
Publication date1 Jun 2016
Number of pages60
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