• Bendik Berge
4. Term, City, Housing and Settlement Patterns (Master Programme)
This thesis Is a case study which seek to elaborate the
consequences of the high housing prices in Oslo
municipality, and what specific measures the
municipality can initiate to stem the development.
The study focuses on first-time buyers and people
with average income and their opportunities on the
housing market.
The main findings of the study are that the rising
house prices have led to the fact that, compared to
income and the number of homes, this group can
afford are fewer homes today than in the past. The
study also elaborates on which initiatives the
municipality has started and several projects the
municipality is investigating in this context.
The study draws on theory about social sustainability and
mixed residential areas as a tool to shed light on the
situation in Oslo and what effects social sustainability and
mixed cities can have.
Publication date26 Sep 2022
Number of pages64
ID: 488242385