• Gustavo Martin Matarazzo Zinoni
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
A blackout is a highly unlikely, but impactful event that causes multiple socioeconomic difficulties. The power system must be restored rapidly to reduce the repercussion of the blackout. Conventional power plants have been traditionally responsible for Black Start (BS), while the majority of the renewable energy sources require an energized grid to be started. However, the gradual decommission of fossil-fueled power plants and the progress to a more sustainable power system raise the need of performing BS from non-conventional energy sources. In this project BS is achieved by an Offshore Wind Power Plant (OWPP) that is self-started with the help of an Integrated Battery Energy Storage and STATCOM (IBESS) System. The IBESS is able to energize the OWPP and enable the synchronization of the Wind Turbines (WTs). In this way, the OWPP becomes an islanded system ready to participate in the power system restoration. Connection of block-loads is then performed effectively, keeping voltage and frequency inside tight thresholds. This project demonstrates that the system formed by an IBESS and an OWPP is eligible as a BS unit.
SpecialisationWind Power Systems
Publication date28 May 2021
Number of pages88
External collaboratorØrsted A/S
Łukasz Kocewiak LUKKO@orsted.dk
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