The role og bips in digitization of the danish construction industry

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Asmus Ditlev Larsen
This thesis looks into the influential actors within the digital development in the construction industry throughout the past 30 years. The used theoretical framework stems from Actor Network Theory and Sociology of Translation by Callon (1986). This thesis is based on a case study.The study focuses on the influence of the governmental initiatives for productivity growth within the construction industry's use of digital tools, standards and classifications. The development of classification standards is of great importance to the government as it is looked upon as being fundamental for the actors' interoperabilitet.Bips presented a Danish classification standard that became an ‘obligatory point of passage’ in the governmental initiative, ‘Det Digitale Byggeri’. Today bips and Cuneco are developing a new international construction classification presented from a Danish point of view. The study focuses on the translations that have made bips a representative for the construction industry's digitization discussion for the past ten years. The case study focuses on the devices of interessement that bips established in order to enroll the actors and create allies, and how these alliances have stregthened or weakened bips' position.
Finally, the study also looks into ‘Cuneco Classification Systems’ in order to get an insight into the standard's design, user segment and complexity.
Publication date1 Oct 2014
Number of pages77
ID: 175820614