Biogas as a Change Agent

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Jens Askehave
  • Søren Gustav Rasmussen
4. Term, Master of Sustainable Transition (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Danish Agriculture is heading for the abyss in the notion that the way forward is larger units, resulting in economies of scale and lower unit costs at the expense of small and medium-sized farms. The narrative put forward by the Landbrug & Fødevarer is strong. This narrative leads to depopulation of the outskirts of Denmark, leaving these as seasonal green/yellow deserts of corn fields and crops for animal and plant production. A potential EU legislation claiming a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, is a serious threat for Danish agriculture. Biogas is part of the solution, and can become a breeding ground to make up with Landbrug & Fødevarers narrative, creating a new narrative where small and medium farms form a new story with biogas as a change agent.
Publication date19 Dec 2016
Number of pages49
ID: 244842762