• Tine Marquard Zimmermann
The responsibility for the overall protection of nature and biodiversity where in 2007 handed over to The Danish municipalities as a part of the Danish structural reform. The protection is partly controlled by the regulatory framework and nature political development, but also controlled by local ambitions and voluntariness. Ambitions because these are forming the agenda of the Danish protection of the natural environment and voluntary because the protection of biodiversity is not directly regulated though the existing legislations. Hence the municipalities’ political nature initiatives are very important to the Danish efforts for preservation of the biodiversity in the future. Some of the Danish Municipalities are aware of their responsibilities and have therefore joined the international campaign Countdown 2010. Countdown 2010 is a network of active partners working together towards the 2010 biodiversity target. The initiatives ended in 2010. We are as a society obligated to work for the protection of the biodiversity. This Master Thesis is therefore through an article and a background report assessing the municipalities’ nature political initiatives. At the same time EU’s influence on the nature of political development and municipalities’ role in the implementation of nature protection are highlighted. Both EU’s influence and the municipalities’ role are conditions which are of importance for the municipalities choices of nature political initiatives.
Publication date6 Jun 2012
Number of pages80
ID: 63625287