• Victor Ulrich Kromann
  • Anton Perepelita
The maritime tanker industry faces increasing pressure to discover new ways ofreducing environmental impact, while also increasing value offered. The industryfaces many challenges, most of which relate to the unique asset structure of theindustry. An analysis of existing literature reviews has been conducted and poten-tial for an improved research has been found. By incorporating best practices fromthe previous reviews, as well as taking into account found flaws, a semi-systematicliterature review is conducted and compared the literature findings with findingsfrom interviews with industry stakeholders. Several areas of misalignment betweenindustry’s interest and literature’s practices are outlined. Additionally, literature’sperceived drivers and challenges and those of the industry are identified and com-pared. Potential solutions to the mentioned challenges are suggested, research andindustry focus is proposed.
Publication date1 Jun 2021
ID: 413404387