Better Housing of the Future: Social Housing

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jeppe Heden Christensen
4. term, Architecture (, Master (Master Programme)
This report investigates and suggests a better housing of the future in collaboration with the housing company Boligselskabet Sjælland, through the context of a new city area in the east part of Roskilde that consists of both social housing, housing, stores, and offices. Based on the theory of townscape (Cullen, 1961), Image of the city (Lynch, 1970), Soft City (Sim, D. 2019.), and Vandkunstens five points for better lives of the future, this report asks the question: “Is it possible to create a city which both has the necessary density of contemporary city areas and at the same time the liveable quality of Vandkunstens dense-low buildings?”.
By investigating and designing the new city area of Roskilde through three phases; The Town, The Neighbourhood, and The Home, this report both defines the importance of thinking solutions holistic and in multiply scales, to archive a design proposal that is both rational and innovative. With a sustainable, philosophic, and socialistic view, the final proposal of this project suggests a direction for the future of social housing and tries to contribute to the debate of what we as occupants of new city areas can desire and expect, and attempts to provide us with examples of design solutions that can contribute to this debate.

By this report, I hope for a better future and a more diverse city-landscape.
Publication date8 Jun 2021
Number of pages142
External collaboratorBoligselskabet Sjælland
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