• Jesper Seemann Serritzlew
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
Research within talent development and long-term participation is scarce and the literature is male dominant. The purpose of this case study was to explore a unique girl’s football team within the same year group and the conditions they experienced through their youth development. This particular year group was interesting because they successfully developed talent playing for elite teams as seniors while having long-term participation. I engaged in a qualitative approach involv-ing retrospective semi structed interviews where I interviewed seven players, whereas four players are elite players and three are recreational players as well as their primary coach. The results demonstrated that the age-restricted team had a strong and safe environment with good parents, a good coach, and good teammates. They also had a unique initiative creating special cards for the girls to develop outside the organised practice. Through the years of playing, they had focus on including new members to the team. Their main goal by playing soccer was to have fun, which also evolved during their youth. The elite players were more result oriented whereas the recrea-tional players played for fun and for the exercise. The entire year group did however have their main goal as fun throughout their youth. Even after they were split into an elite and recreational team they stayed in touch across the teams.
Publication date3 Jan 2022
Number of pages57
ID: 457578206