The occupation and the work of fiction

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Christian Nørgaard Bentzen
2. Term (Master), History (Minor subject) (Elective Study or Minor Subject)

This master’s thesis is an examination of the German occupation of Denmark during the second World War, which lasted from April 1940 to may 1945, the period holds a significant place in Danish identity, because it was period, where the values and the very survival of the nation was at stake. The examinations case is how the period of occupation has influenced Danish movie productions in recent years. The genre has a wide variety of historical potential which provide a narrative that has a lot of different storylines and characters which each represents certain types of persons, groups, or ideologies. The analysis contains four different movies, they have each been chosen because they contain a certain style and selection of different topics and portrays specific eras of the occupation. The theory that are used throughout the project is a combination of media science and memory science.

Furthermore, is it an exploration and discussion of how a work of fiction that are based on or inspired by true events used the current scholarship publications and research in the productions. Additionally, it is a study of how the movies way of communication potentially can be a source of inspiration for the traditional history publication and how the work of fiction leans on specific eras of Danish occupation research, an example of this type of research could be the Danish resistance movement or a study of Danish national citizens who enrolls in the German armed forces. Moreover, does this thesis try to capture the psychology and mental aspects of the occupation, and how movies use different kinds of narrative techniques to create a certain kind of atmosphere in the stories.
Publication date3 Jan 2021
Number of pages66
ID: 397831063