• Lise Thorn Andersen
  • Frank Hahn
4. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this master thesis is to extend existing methods for calculating approximated optimal sequences of repair actions for systems containing multiple independent or dependent causes and/or dependent repair actions and to compare the results against the calculated optimal sequences.
The expressions for efficiency are developed for use in calculating sequences of repair actions. The expressions are an extension of existing expressions. We have added a weight (V) for the purpose of being able to handle dependent actions.
We experienced that using a weight was useless in itself and that the expression of efficiency P/C in almost all situations yielded fine results. Moreover we discovered that a combination of the used heuristics based on P/C and PV/C gave even better results than the use of P/C on its own for the models giving suboptimal results with P/C.
Publication dateJul 2001
ID: 61080538