• Daniel Krag Nielsen
  • Malene Clement Skov
4. term, Public Health, Master (Master Programme)
Problem: The demographic changes in Denmark means more elderly people in both relative and absolute numbers and less younger people to take care of the elderly people. Because of a increasing number of health issues the elderly people have an increasing need of care. A possib-le solution to this issue may be rehabilitative initiatives which is expected to increase physical cognitive and social functioning of the elderly people.

Objective: To investigate the possibilities and limitations of a the rehabilitationproject 'Impro-ved life as elderly in nursing homes' in the municipality of Aalborg, and provide with recom-mendations for the implementation and evaluation of rehabilitative interventions in nursing homes.

Method: The research techniques carried out in this thesis includes a systematic literature re-view, two semi-structured group interviews and one semi-structured individual interview. The group interviews includes two physiotherapists, two occupational therapists and one activity coordinator. The individual interview includes a nursing home employee. All informants are working with rehabilitative interventions in nursing homes placed in the municipality of Aal-borg. The qualitative data was interpreted from a hermeneutic and deductive approach, based on Abbott's theory of professions, complemented by a concept of organizations and a concept of learning.

Conclusion: Sparse information and communication, few staff and lack of time were considered as a limitation for rehabilitative interventions. A coordinator and clear guidelines were conside-red as opportunities for rehabilitative interventions.
This resulted in recommendations for change: Establishing opportunities for collaboration and coordination, introducing coordinators at all nursing homes and development of clear guide-lines and a communication strategy for the project.
Publication date31 May 2016
Number of pages261
External collaboratorAalborg Kommune
Konsulent Lisa Albæk Pedersen fslp-aeh@aalborg.dk
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