Sustainable subsidized homes

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Milena Lykke Kristiansen
  • Nicholas Kampmann Petitmaire
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
The project objective was to create a sustainable housing complex consisting of 40 subsidized apartments, which was based on the open competition “Fremtidens Bæredygtige Almene Boliger” arranged by the ministry of By, Bolig og Landdistrikter.

The certification system DGNB figures as the sustainable approach to the project, as it includes the three branches of sustainability - environmental, economic and social. The goal was to create sustainable homes by implementing DGNB criteria in the Integrated Design Process, as utilised at Aalborg University, and thereby secure good quality and good sustainable homes.

The process of developing a DGNB implementation evolved simultaneously with the design process. The design process should reflect the DGNB application and therefore the competition was used to test the DGNB application. A ‘Gesture’ was applied in the design process to add value to the home and remember the human scale.

The focus in the project is the human scale and the human needs and comfort by using DGNB to secure environmental sustainability, using a ‘Gesture’ to create a home and using both to secure social sustainability and comfort.
Publication date16 Jun 2014
Number of pages130
ID: 198793069