Sustainable Mobility in Copenhagen.

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Thorbjørn Egelund Jørgensen
  • Martin Walthers Schmidt
4. Term, Sustainable Design (M.SC) (Master Programme)
This report investigates the effects of user-involvement towards creating a sustainable transition of the Copenhagen mobility. While the municipality of Copenhagen aims for a CO2 neutral city by 2025, the mobility is getting
behind in achieving this vision. Many investments have been done in altering or improving infrastructure, but an element of user-involvement is missing. This report will attempt to look further into this problem and provide a solution. An
investigation of the mobility of Copenhagen and its users have been developed, which will give an analysis consisting of the user oriented Practice theory and the systematic Multi-level perspective as to succeed in creating the best solution
possible for a successful transition. Through a workshop with the users, a co-design process was initiated, which ended up giving new perspectives for further work. A concept has been developed centering around creating awareness and
direct the citizens of Copenhagen towards a more sustainable mobility behavior. This is done by getting the users to see and relate to the issues at hand and creating a better understanding, while providing options for how they can continue in
their process towards a more sustainable behaviour.
Publication date2 Jun 2016
Number of pages110
ID: 234695105