• Haoxiang Shi
4. term, Manufacturing Technology, Master (Master Programme)
Chemists hope to liberate themselves from tedious, repetitive experiments and devote themselves to more creative work. Therefore, this project will try to introduce cooperative robots to replace manual operations. After visiting the chemical laboratory of AAU, this report will analyse and deconstruct the task and the dilution experiment of the quinine solution involved. On this basis, the concept of decoupling complex operations into several basic robot actions is proposed. The corresponding relationship between manual operations and robot actions is shown in one flow chart. In the practice part, this project establishes a set of robot workbench that meets the requirements of the chemical laboratory and is also consistent with reality by measuring the size and position of the existing equipment in the laboratory in the simulation software. Write the robot action sub instructions, try to combine them into the main program arbitrarily, and finally complete a set of user-defined experimental operations. Although there are still problems in the control of syringes, the rest have been tested and verified to meet the project requirements.
Publication date31 May 2022
Number of pages61


The chemical operation flow of Quinine solution dilution and correspondence between operation and robot action
The concept simulation for this project
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