• Bastian Starup Petersson
This report examines the potential use of Augmented Reality (AR) technol- ogy in improving warehouse manage- ment processes, specifically in tasks such as picking, receiving, and re- locating items. The report explores the technical aspects of AR and the challenges involved in developing an AR solution for warehouse naviga- tion, including the use of Simul- taneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms for accurate posi- tional tracking. The report proposes a deep learning-based feature extrac- tor for visual odometry in large indus- trial environments, which combines the FAST key point extractor with pre-trained CNNs to generate feature descriptors and evaluates its perfor- mance against traditional feature ex- traction techniques such as ORB. The test results show that the ORB al- gorithm demonstrated superior effi- ciency and accuracy compared to the deep learning-based methods. Future work includes investigating the im- pact of extracting features from differ- ent layers within pre-trained networks and exploring the benefits of leverag- ing GPUs for computation.
Publication date30 May 2023
Number of pages53
ID: 532252693