• Christoffer Bovbjerg
  • Rune Egedal
4. term, Acoustics and Audio Technology, Master (Master Programme)
The following is a master thesis in Acoustics and Audio Technology. The main purpose of the thesis is to develop a hear through device platform. The thesis contains theory on spatial hearing used for virtual source implementation and a com plete design in software and hardware. The hardware is developed as two separate devices, a hear through device and a processing platform. The system equalization is developed based on comprehensive measurements accounting for auricular transfer functions and transducer nonlinearity. The thesis focuses on the transparency of the system. The developed platform is designed to be open and can be used for several signal processing tasks within acoustics. All subsystems of the developed platform is tested and verified. The report fea-
tures a complete user’s guide to the system and a template for future research in
the field of hear through devices and augmented acoustic reality.
Publication date2 Jun 2014
Number of pages109
ID: 198461465