• Marko Saratlija
The paper encompasses research and implications
of the personalized data collection
for video-on-demand service. In particular,
Danish public broadcasting media service
DRTV. Furthermore, the thesis addresses issues within
the system that simulates users and
collects the corresponding data about suggestions.
The DRTV platform supposedly generates
recommendations induced by user signals,
that is, video watching. In addition, the
audit of the DRTV platform tries to bring more
insight into whether any dynamic change is
happening during the consumption of video
content. This audit includes tentative data
analysis for the performance of the system and
a general overview of the collected data. The
results from the analysis and research help
more in the initial answer of how the recommender
system of DRTV service behaves. Furthermore,
this thesis suggests the improvement
requirements, design, and solutions to issues
for the system that collects data and emulates
SpecialisationService Development
Publication date3 Jun 2021
Number of pages98
ID: 413675271