Atlantic Sounds: A Faroese Music Conservatory

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Rasmus Christensen
  • Rói Heinason
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis is made by Group 18 of the 10th-semester Architecture & Design - Aalborg University and deals with the design of a music conservatory on the Faroe Islands. The aim of the project is to create the framework for further developing the unique music culture that already exists on the Faroe Islands, despite the absence of tertiary music education in the country. The project is located at the tip of "Raktangi" a grassy tongue of land at the mouth of the fjord Skálafjørður on the southern part of the island of Eysturoy. The motivation for this thesis originates in part from observations and skepticism of the contemporary Faroese building culture and its treatment of topography. The project, therefore, seeks inspiration in a tectonic analysis of traditional Faroese architecture to create an example of ​​how unique contemporary Faroese architecture can be designed. The project further deals with the use of acoustics as an architectural design element through multi-objective optimization where acoustic and structural parameters are used to find a form that is optimal for all aspects.
Publication date22 May 2018
Number of pages137
ID: 279643011