• Jonas Smit Andersen
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
As an impact of the global climate change, the Danish weather will during the next 75 years become more ex¬treme. This summer (2010), we have seen several epi¬sodes, where storm water has flooded the streets. This happens, because the sewerage system is not design, to manage this new heavy type of rainfall.
This report is a search of what we as urban designers can do, to mitigate the city the new weather conditions.
The keyword is “terrain based storm water treatment”
By analyzing the urban water circulation systems, and ex¬isting methods, for terrain based storm water treatment systems, a concept for integrating terrain based storm wa¬ter treatment into the city, is invented. And by setting up 3 design cases, in different urban contexts, the concept is tested.
Publication date2 Sept 2010
Number of pages62
ID: 36619250