• Kacper Filip Pajuro
4. semester, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This project aims to assess the possibility of capture of microplastics from water using hydrocyclone technology. The analysis was based on the data obtained from the experiment, which was conducted at AAU Esbjerg. In order to obtain information about microplastics concentration in water, dynamic microscopes were installed in the setup. A dedicated calibration procedure, consisting of statistical tests and measures, was proposed to ensure appropriate detection performance of the sensors. Mean efficiencies were obtained for specific sets of control valve settings. The highest observed separation efficiency achieved 87,76%, which can be compared with hydrocyclone performance in other industries.
The hydrocyclone can be used for efficient separation of microplastics from water. A control algorithm of hydrocyclone could be designed in the future, based on performed analysis.
SpecialisationOffshore Energy Systems
Publication date31 May 2023
Number of pages61
ID: 532457007