• Miguel Jorge Belo de Oliveira Frasco
In an increasingly entrepreneurial world, the number of entrepreneurs and consequentially, the number of startups are exponentially increasing. Therefore, it is natural that side business which relate to this wave are created. Such is the for startup support programs such as accelerators, which provide young companies and its founders relevant resources to help grow the business to the next-level. However, the question of whether or not these accelerators as support programs can actually have a long-term positive impact on these startups arises. This thesis has the ultimate objective of investigating and answer the research question of if whether or not startup which are accelerated present higher performances against those companies which have not been involved with acceleration programs. This is achieved by presenting and using a performance measurement framework to analyze real companies’ data of over 400 startups in order to answer a series of hypotheses and ultimately be able to answer the research question.
Publication date10 Aug 2016
Number of pages114
ID: 238379793