• Cristina Aralda Sevcencu
This paper addresses the field of riparian restoration evaluations, focusing on a specific case of European importance: the Skjern River, Denmark. The restoration of the river drew international attention through its scale and immense resources required for its completion in 2003, being one of the largest river restorations in the world. However, ten years have passed since the restoration was completed without having been thoroughly evaluated. This report aims at investigating the extent to which some of the most important goals of the restoration have been met, and whether or not the restored valley in its present state can make a solid base for environmental preservation at Skjern. The methodology comprises three sources of data collection: interviews, literature study and field trip. These sources create a broad picture on the reality at Skjern, providing information on several stakeholders and their degree of influence, as well as the developments throughout the valley after the restoration. The data suggests that the restoration has numerous positive achievements, but some of these have not been met to the desired degree. This study points to the most obvious goals that still depend on continuous adaptable management to be fully achieved, as well as to the fact that a long time frame, better habitat conditions and generally less disturbance from nearby areas are the prerequisites for the biodiversity to readapt and grow to the full potential of the valley. The paper also identifies conflicting interests that inhibit to some extent long term preservation efforts, such as those between the local farmers, the local authorities and the NGOs. The conclusion of this investigation is that although the restoration has been completed, the works are not complete and continuous management measures are needed to achieve an independent and well-functioning biotope to its full potential.
SpecialisationEnvironmental Management and Sustainability Science
Publication date6 Jun 2013
Number of pages49
ID: 77269570