Art House : Gathering space for creative people

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Krista Svike
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
Project summary

This architectural project is concerned with designing art/ culture/ education center or the “Art House”. The project is representing three main focus points: Learning, creating, representing that are reflected in the functions of the building. The technical approach to the project is to create a new green identity for the industrial environment therefore it is being challenged to reach low energy building 2015.

The project site is located in an old harbor territory near Riga historical center and project takes urban development plan of Andrejsala competition as a base to work on. The idea was to work in north part of Andrejasla territory and choose one of the building volumes that are suggested for culture as a starting point.

There are four main functions combined in the building. To learn the bases and get an insight in art world there is designed an art school for children and adults. For artists, designers, architects to have a place where to create there are established studio spaces. For presenting the art work to public and potential customers there are designed two exhibition halls. To make the building more appealing for the people working there and others a café with a summer terrace is also established.

The concept of the building follows the urban development plan lines but creates its own individual expression. Orientation takes full advantage of the location emphasizing the main directions towards the view over the river and towards the street axis leading to the city centre. The pass through continues the walking street axis into the building. It connects the building to the yard space and other building volume. The space created divides the building vertically and horizontally being as a transition space between the volumes and functions.

The plan layouts are designed to be flexible and as possible open. This gives a possibility for the companies to organize the rooms to meet their needs and to be more creative about the design and use of the rooms. The rooms of the art school have an expression of large undivided spaces while still keeping the borders between different functions. The café and exhibition hales are designed for public use and their expressions are a bit different. Café is has a welcoming and social atmosphere it’s a gathering space. The exhibition is more calm and disassociated from the active and fast life outside the walls of the building.

The idea is to create a welcoming, creative, social, active and innovative atmosphere, most importantly, the gathering space for all kinds of creative people.
Publication date23 May 2012


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