ARMD: Self-training for stroke patients

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Louise Elgaard Christensen
  • Marie Sørig Toft Petersen
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
This Master Thesis examines how motivation can be achieved in stroke arm-rehabilitation and presents the design process behind the product proposal ARMD: A tool for arm stroke rehabilitations that motivates the patient to do self rehabilitation on the ward through different level of complexity, progress detection, exciting repetitions and fun to make the patients forget time and place when exercising.

ARMD consist of a projector part which creates a gameboard at the table in front of the patient. The projector communicates with three different sized cursors, which is the tools the patient has to move around on the gameboard, in order to make the hand lead the arm. All in all to regain functionalities; specifically reach, wrist rotation and the grasp and release function. By enabling progress detection, the patients gets motivated and thereby provides an increase in their independence, so they get to re-enter their everyday lives once again.

The design process is characterized by a main focus, using the design teams own competences in concept development and testing, combined with ongoing sparring with therapists and patients from the real world, who deals with the issuse everyday at Neuroenhed Nord in Frederikshavn.
Publication date28 Jun 2023
Number of pages136
External collaboratorNorth Denmark Regional Hospital
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