Arctic Construction: An indicative and critical study

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Jakob Marott Brandt
The thesis is primarily aimed at the management of a company that is already established in the Greenlandic construction market or may wish to enter it.
This thesis deals with and explains the Arctic construction industry, situated in Greenland. With a focus on the strategic management approach, the barriers and opportunities that surround and embed the industry, will be explained.
As analytical tools, the PEST analysis is first put into play, which deals with the exogenous factors such as; the political, economic, sociological and technological. Next, the SWOT analysis is put into play, which deals with the primary endogenous factors such as; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
These two analyzes are then fused into a double analysis, to combine the exogenous with the endogenous factors, to provide a holistic overall picture of the landscape, a construction company may navigate in.
To formulate a concrete strategic company plan, Ansoff's growth matrix is used, in coherence with the two PEST / SWOT analysis, in order to formulate a strategic plan, which is presented in the discussion section. A concrete strategic concept plan named, Ocean Blue will be presented in the end, and forms the basis for the thesis' discussion and conclusion.
Publication date7 Jan 2021
Number of pages78
ID: 398949290