• Jacob Elkjær Madsen
  • Kirstine Rokholm Jensen
  • Cæcilie Søgaard Laursen
The purpose of this project is to investigate the needs for a digital solution for the exchange of spatial data between the Danish Road Directorate and the Danish museums in the context of archaeological investigations. As developer, The Danish Road Directorate is obliged to obtain an evaluation from the museums, when road projects include new land. The exchange of data is currently not optimal, hence the road directorate is interested in implementing a system which can provide better data exchange for the archaeologist employed by The Danish Road Directorate. In this project a web based solution, ArkoGIS, will be produced in order to handle archaeological data between The Danish Road Directorate and the museums. The solution will consist of two parts, a portfolio and a WebGIS, which will be joined in a web portal.
Publication date10 Jun 2015
Number of pages91
External collaboratorVejdirektoratet, Skanderborg
Arkæolog Jochen Meyer jocm@vd.dk
ID: 213874356