Architecture in the Faroe Islands: Modern Boathouses

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Paula á Stongum
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
The objective of this project is to design new spaces of accommodation for tourists that have come to experience the wild and unspoiled nature of the Faroe Islands.
The main design parameters derive from a cultural point of view inspired by the Faroese nature and research of existing cultural architecture that provide guidelines in the design process. There will be a consideration for the local weather and hence a consideration for the requirements and demands for suitable use of material and construction.
A great source of inspiration in this project are the historical faroese boat houses called Neyst. These boat houses can be found at the shores of nearly every village in all of the Faroe Islands. They have a high cultural value for the faroese people and surely quite unintended they have come to form a significant part of the architectural image of the Faroe Islands.
From a closer investigation of these boat houses the desire is to learn tools and methods with focus on tectonic and sustainability in order to create a space of accommodation that integrates with the atmosphere of the unspoiled islands and is incorporated with qualities that can enhance the experience of the architectural history, the wild nature and the culture of the Faroese people.
Publication date27 Aug 2014
Number of pages100
ID: 203885991