• Søren Lousdal Borkmann
The subject in this masters thesis is land management and geocommunikation on the island of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is characterized by a UNESCO protected city center, white sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. Demographics and a lack of urban planning are right now resulting in Urban Sprawl getting spreading into surrounding green areas.

As a result of Zanzibar's having urban Finger City city structure, the idea with this thesis is to implement method, the legal background and thinking behind the Copenhagen Finger Plan into land use planning in Zanzibar. The report uses forest reserve the island as a case studyfor this implementation proces.

Additional keywords in the project is national parks as well as maps and geocommunication.

During this work one and a half months of field work at the Department of Urban and Rural Planning and development program SMOLE II in Zanzibar has been carried out by the author.

Publication date12 Mar 2012
Number of pages119
ID: 61644083