Approaching Dynamic Gait with AAU-BOT1

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Rune Madsen
  • Niels Hyltoft Andersen
4. term, Control and Automation, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis concerns the topic of obtaining dynamic gait with the AAU-BOT1. Previous work on the AAU-BOT1 has resulted in a functional robot, where each joint can be individually controlled. The main topic has therefore been to design and implement a controller strategy capable of obtaining dynamic gait with the robot. Through a study of the human gait, including recording human gait in a motion tracking room, knowledge about human gait has been obtained. Kinematic and dynamic models are derived for the robot. From these the overall movements to obtain gait is deduced. Two levels of controllers are used to control the robot. Low level controllers are used to control each separate joint. A high level gait and balance controller is used to generate joint references and keep the robot in balance. The perception of balance is gained by measuring the angle of the torso and the interaction between foot and ground. The foot ground impact is given special attention. A shock absorption strategy is used to reduce harmful effects of hard impacts. With the implemented controller strategy the AAU-BOT1 has been shown to be capable of obtaining gait with a velocity up to \SI{0.15}{km/h}.
Publication date6 Jun 2013
Number of pages186
ID: 77281603