• Tania Willesen
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis explores the practice of service design and applies it to a real case scenario when developing a service to improve the conditions for hospital innovation in Denmark. It explores how service design and open innovation has brought along new opportunities for innovating practice within hospitals. It includes an investigation of how hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark are currently innovating their hospital practice and how the actors involved can be better supported and equipped during this process.

Via co-creation with key stakeholders in the hospital innovation ecosystem a new service is developed from defining the problem to a service prototype. The service design process and the tools it involved are presented and reflected upon throughout the report.

The result of the service design process is Hospital Innovation Hub, a digital platform for hospital innovation actors. It enables the users to ideate and co-create hospital practices collaboratively, hereby reducing time and effort and simply achieving smarter solutions.

The later sections of the thesis reflect on the role service design can play in the hospital innovation sector. On this foundation, it provides recommendations for how service designers might learn from the experiences gathered throughout this process.
Publication date28 Sept 2018
Number of pages91
ID: 287601993