• Aina Romani Dalmau
  • David Martinez Perez
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
According to the latest energy policy, wind power share is expected to increase in order to allow Denmark to become fossil fuel free by 2050. This high wind power penetration is expected to introduce several challenges into the power system, such as large power imbalances or voltage rise. In order to tackle these issues, energy storage systems represent a possible solution for absorbing the wind power excess. Concerning the Danish case, the state-of-the art district heating and gas networks comprise perfect energy storage solutions. In this context, Power to Gas turns out to be an interesting option in order to inject the electricity excess into the gas network. This system is based on transformation of electricity to hydrogen by use of electrolyzers. The produced hydrogen can be directly injected into the gas grid or transformed into natural gas in an intermediate step. The present MSc Thesis focuses on testing the capability of an alkaline electrolyzer to deliver voltage regulation and energy management services to a typical Danish distribution grid with a high wind power penetration. The electrolyzer is integrated with the typical voltage regulation assets present in a distribution grid. One of the main targets of this project is to find a control strategy where the mentioned voltage regulation and energy management services coexist in a market environment.
SpecialisationElectric Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering
Publication date27 May 2015
Number of pages152
ID: 212972462