Use of weathered materials as base course for roadbuilding.

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Nicolai Sørensen
  • Jeppe Vestergaard Kristensen
4. term, Transport Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Base course materials made from gravel pits, is one of the most used materials in road building. When the natural resources in different parts of Denmark are becoming lesser, there has been thinking of an alternative. Through the Danish road authorities rules of road building, may stabilgrus II (SG II) contain up to 70% weathered materials. Through this it is thought that it might be possible to mix gravel pit materials with weathered materials, and then still keep up the standards listed up in the rules of road building.
The mixes is then tested through laboratory and field tests where the amount of weathered materials varies. There will be tested for resilient modulus with a light falling weight defloctometer, which is a common quality control device in Denmark.
Publication date10 Jun 2014
Number of pages66
ID: 198673152