Employee transport to and from Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jesper Lauridsen
4. term, Transport Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Traffic causes negative effects, such as Congestion, air and noise pollution. In order to reduce these kinds of pollution, there is a political focus on more sustainable transportation. This means that parts of the car traffic must be substituted, with other more sustainable modes of transportation such as bicycles and public transport or by optimizing the use of cars by driving more people in each one, i.e, carpooling.

Traffic planning is used, to influence the way traffic evolves. Traffic planning has historically focused on the construction of new roads and infrastructure. However, in recent years a new approach to planning known as mobility planning has become more common. Mobility planning focuses more on the road user and influencing his choice of transportation. In order to do so mobility management is used to reduce, convert and optimize traffic.

Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital
In 2020, Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital opens in Aalborg Øst. It is a large hospital that is expected to generate a significant amount of traffic, since the approximate 5200 employees and the patients all will have to commute to and from the hospital every day. To achieve the political goals of promoting sustainable transport and preventing congestion, a mobility plan should be prepared for the Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital. Furthermore, the mobility plan must ensure good accessibility to the hospital for the employees, patients and visitors.
The purpose of the project is to produce a knowledge base that can form the basis for a mobility plan for the Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital with focus on employee transport.

The knowledge base should highlight what potentials and/or barriers there could be for the employees to use sustainable modes of transportation, and what initiatives that as part of a mobility effort can increase the proportion while ensuring good accessibility.

The analyzes showed that there are potentials that can affect employee’s transport choices in the direction of sustainable modes of transport. It was estimated that there was greatest potential for employees residing in Aalborg and Nørresundby as well as motorists with more than 15 kilometers to the hospital.

A catalog of initiatives that are considered to contribute to promoting the use of sustainable transport has been assembled. The initiatives include measures that seek to promote the use of cycling, public transport and combination tours. There are also initiatives aimed to optimize vehicle traffic by getting more people to travel by car together.

The initiatives are divided into two packages. The first package is to be implemented before the opening of the Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital, whereas the other is to be implemented in the period around the opening and continued thereafter. The first package primarily includes initiatives concerning infrastructure and facilities, while the second packages deals with information and more public transport.
Publication date8 Jun 2017
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