Android Application for Aalborg University

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Regis Louge
  • Antonio Arfe
  • Thibaut Le Guilly
  • Lou Guillot
  • Pierre Deguy
1. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
Nowadays, all universities provide their own dedicated intranet systems. However, only few of them provide students and teachers features like internal communication system, context aware information in the campus and perhaps, all of this accessible from a smartphone.

We propose an Android OS application dedicated to the students of Aalborg University, capable to achieve two main functionalities accessible from a smartphone: a Chat System and an Indoor Geolocation System.

The Chat is based on a Peer-To-Peer architecture, no server either administrators intervention is needed. Building a Zero Configuration network, the system uses the XMPP protocol combined with JmDNS in order to allow students to multicast their presence over the network and see other connected users in order to discuss with them.

The Indoor Geolocation System uses the access points' RSS of the already existing WiFi infrastructure; no administrator's intervention neither particular hardware is needed. We apply a Fingerprinting methodology. It creates on each smartphone, with a user-based training, a database of fingerprints containing sniffed RSS, BSSID and location-name. An algorithm is later applied to estimate the user's location against the database.

The results of different experiments and several prototypes' implementation are also presented. We detail the difficulties that have been encountered and the possible solutions using concepts such as election algorithms, the final results and future improvements.
Publication date20 Dec 2010
Number of pages92
ID: 42676739