• Rasmus Smit Lindholt
  • Kasper Jepsen
  • Aleksander Øster Nielsen
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
This project investigates the impact on energy consumption of different C# language constructs, with a focus on concurrency constructs.
We create microbenchmarks that look at the effects of four different groups of language constructs.
We analyze the results of these microbenchmarks to determine the reasons behind the observed behavior.
Using the knowledge gathered from the microbenchmarks, and previous research, we create 68 macrobenchmarks which are used to generate results for how different combinations of language constructs affect energy consumption.
These benchmarks allow us to generalize the effects of language constructs in microbenchmarks to macrobenchmarks and how language constructs work in conjunction.
Results of the macrobenchmarks are used to determine if and why behavior changes from microbenchmarks to macrobenchmarks, and when multiple language constructs are used in conjunction.
Publication date8 Jun 2022
Number of pages243
ID: 472423350