Analysis of urban catchment for flood return period assessment

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Laura Casas Cardona
The purpose of this study is to analyse an urban catchment for assessing the return period of floods. Denmark has been affected by extreme rainfall events in the last decades causing high environmental and social impacts which lead to social and economic losses.
This study is focused in the use of historical rain series to analyse the relationship between the return period of flood and the return period of rainfall.
The catchment under study has a large terrain variability which is considered to be irregular since it comprises steep and flat areas, complex flow in drainage systems and on surface. From the historical rain series, a selection of 10 extreme rainfall events are chosen and simulated to study and analyse their flood.
At the end of the document are discussed the obtained results analysing if the use of historical rain series is more appropriate than the use of synthetic rain for flood modelling. Furthermore, the maximum flood depth, maximum flood extent and maximum flood volume of the catchment are found for each of the events and then discussed to determine which of these variables is the most accurate to assess the return period of flood.
Publication date2016
Number of pages53
ID: 234858719