Analysis of Operation Strategy by use of Thermal Active Building Systems

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Camilla Højgaard Hansen
  • Tina Østergaard Strømkjær
The following report deals with analysis of indoor environment, cooling effect and primary energy consumption by use of thermal active building systems, based on measurements performed in Visionshuset on the eternitgrund in Aalborg and simulations done in BSim.
Initially the measuring area is presented, where the layout, installations and operation strategy of the systems are explained. Further the demands for upholding a good indoor environment is described.
The second part of the report focuses one the measurements in Visionshuset, where results for the indoor environment and cooling effect are evaluated for the month April, before the strategy is changed in the fourth part.
For choosing an optimal strategy to be tested in the building, a BSim model is created in the third part of the report, followed by analysis of the results in regards to the indoor environment and energy consumption. The model is created so that is represents an open office in the building, with measured internal heat gains such as persons, equipment and lighting, while the remaining systems is chosen as close as possible to the real systems in the building.
The chosen strategies found in BSim are implemented in the building in the fourth part of the report, where measurements are done for two weeks in April. The results from the measurements are used to created a calibrated BSim model, which is used for new simulations based on DRY weather data, to insure that a good indoor environment is obtained for the remaining part of the year.
The fifth part of the report generalize the concept of thermal active building systems by changing the production of the supply cooling water from underground cooling to the use of cooling compressor.
Publication date7 Jun 2013
Number of pages187
External collaboratorCOWI A/S
Civilingeniør, VVS og energi Allan Hesselholt
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