Analysis of network in patient progress

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Jan Kjærsgaard
  • Lis Bjerregaard Riahi
4. term, Master of Public Administration (Continuing Education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
The healthcare system in Denmark is facing a big challenge due to the increasing number of elderly which affects the system by increasing number of hospitalization and increasing number of patients with chronic diseases.

This Master thesis is a longitudinal study of 8 patients with Femur fracture or other diagnosis related to earlier Femur fracture. The patients were included in the study during hospitalization. Two patients were excluded. The patients were interviewed 4 and 6 months after hospitalization regarding patients’ experiences after discharge and their level of activity. Also two questioners regarding quality of life and challenges regarding their fracture were fulfilled by the patients.
We also interviewed a general practitioner (family doctor), an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist.
The patients were satisfied with the existing offers from the healthcare system regarding discharge summery, rehabilitation, help remedies and initiating home care.
Both patients and healthcare professionals were interested in involvement of the patients’ family.

A better knowledge of the involved health care professional’s tasks will optimize the quality of the patient progress in at least two terms – higher quality and better use of the resources.
SpecialisationThe Organisation and Management of Danish Public Health Service
Publication date8 Feb 2014
Number of pages189
ID: 173310493