Analysis of access to the holdings of municipal archives

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Heidi Gunner Pfeffer
  • Andreas Christian Adam Jon Bille Brahe
4. term, Master of Information Management (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This Master’s thesis sets out to analyze access to the holdings of Danish municipal archives. The study, mapping the actual landscape of the municipal archives, shows that there is no clear or unified strategy for providing standardized access to the archival collections. The survey of 25 municipal archives reveals a great variety of solutions pointing in many different directions. The thesis argues that the municipal archives are an important part of the Danish cultural heritage and actively providing access to them should be considered an obligation of the archives. Inspiration for solutions should be sought both in the current LMA initiative (a partnership between libraries, museums and archives) and in international standards of registration and data exchange. Targeted dissemination of municipal archives is a good example of how access can be increased for a wider section of the public. Without a common strategy for description and registration, the task of providing better access to the municipal archives is impossible. The lack of access is a democratic problem for the public and a big drawback for the archives.
Publication date17 Jan 2014
Number of pages66
ID: 178082599