• Carlos Patronilo
  • Lekso Murmanovna Kakashvili
4. term, Urban Design, Master (Master Programme)
The physicality and spatial features of a waterfronts edge is the subject matter
of this Thesis. As plans for the redevelopment of the waterfront of Stavanger in
Norway begin to take shape, this thesis aims to understand the role of the edge
of these sites in their regeneration.
This report in composed by two main parts; the design and the analysis. In a pre
liminary stage an historical perspective that seeks to showcase the importance of the presence of water in the urban environment, followed by an insight of the transformation of postindustrial waterfronts.
The report then seeks to showcase the thought processes that led up to the de sign proposal of the edge of Stavanger, setting a difference between the efforts of waterfront development and design of an edge of a waterfront.
The different shapes, functions and recreational use of a number of waterfronts are examined, analysed and interpreted in way as to find common characteristics and on this basis to devise a structural understanding of “the grammar” of the
Publication date27 May 2015
Number of pages96
ID: 213019380