• Daniel Thormod Staal
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
This project set out to explore continuation desire (CD) as an evaluation method for graphical style. The report seek to bring an overview and the research into continuation desire, suggest a range of modifications to the intrusive game ESQ framework (an iterative evaluation method for game development, using CD), in order to reduce intrusiveness

The project proposes a method for classifying and defines rules for how to describe different types of graphical styles. Describes the process of designing character concept with different style the and the process of creating them and implementing into a test environment.

A test was created, based on this process, and distributed online. 34 people participated, and this report finishes by presenting the find form the test and tried to give and evaluation about if, continuation desire id influenced by the graphical style
Publication date25 Jan 2016
Number of pages83
ID: 226628237