• Andreas Kjøng Sjöblom
  • Nikolaj Marimo Støvring
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
In this thesis we perform an exploratory investigation into relational reasoning,creativity and the how a representational tool can support both. Gathering andMediating information is process which require skill in organizing and structuringinformation, and creativity and relational reasoning are practiced when perceivingpatterns in information. A representational tool is a technique or application whichallows the user to map information into a graph-like network structure, for mem-orization and learning and collaboration. The application developed allows usersto create representational artifacts based on the ArcForm notation. The applicationis integrated with DbPedia which allows users to gather information. To promoterelational reasoning and creativity the application is integrated with ConceptNet.To visualize the information the application is based on the ArcForm Notation.Usability tests were performed on the application to determine it’s viability.
SpecialisationComputer Graphics
Publication date28 May 2019
Number of pages64
ID: 304600284