• Ndidi Monica Nwatu
4. Semester, Nordic Master in Social Work and Welfare(Noswel) (Master Programme)
This study explores the adaptation of Nigerian immigrant parents in Denmark, with a particular focus on their parenting practices and cultural adjustment. Immigration has become a significant global phenomenon, resulting in a consistent flow of human capital from emerging countries to advanced nations. Denmark has experienced a net increase in migration over the past decade, with a higher number of immigrants entering the country compared to emigrants. Nigerian immigrants constitute a significant percentage of African immigrants in Denmark. The research aims to understand how Nigerian immigrant families adapt to their new life, specifically examining their parenting styles and cultural adjustment abilities.

This study used semi-structured interviews with three participants to examine different facets of their adjustment as parents of Nigerian immigrants in Denmark. The interview subjects included acculturation, viewpoints on parenting in Denmark and Nigeria, the impact of Danish culture on parenting, cultural adjustments, language problems, and identities based on culture. The interview data were analyzedd using thematic analysis, which was broken down into themes and sub-themes. Acculturation, respect, alone parenting, education, discipline, and language were some of the subjects covered. The participant's stories give insight on the distinct process of adaptation that immigrant families go through as they blend and reinterpret their cultural roots in a new sociocultural setting. The findings of the study have practical implications and recommendations for further investigation are made.

Publication date12 Jun 2023
Number of pages72
ID: 534288829