• Nikodem Derengowski
  • Egle Kucaite
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
The thesis explores intuitive lighting for wayfinding in airport terminals. An extensive literature research and case studies led to the identification of two main problems associated with wayfinding at the airport terminals - visual noise and airport anxiety. These problems are tackled with defined concepts of ambient communication, nature centric design and futuristic approach of the airports where intuitive passenger processing and a positive experience are assumed to ease the anxiety associated with airports. The four-step method is proposed for the design and testing of the lighting concept – it includes a description of the site analysis, an experimental method for assessing and measuring of the visual noise, design development, and testing. The proposed concept was a generative dynamic lighting pattern with addressable parameters and was tested using online questionnaires and VR environment. Findings from the tests revealed that some addressable parameters such as color could suggest intuitive information, however, the VR tests did not give clear results. Nonetheless, the overall process gave a clear indication for improvements for the method which was concluded to be a useful tool, with the potential to be applicable in other areas of lighting design.
Publication date27 May 2019
Number of pages123
ID: 304496542